Engen launches a range of food grade lubricants

Engen Petroleum Limited has launched a range of synthetic food grade lubricants; FoodPure which is designed to meet the specific needs of the bakery, butchery, packaging, beverage, pharmaceutical, sugar, cosmetic, and food processing industries.

This range has hydraulic fluids, gear oils, chains oils and sprays and compressor oils, all of which are NSF H1 certified, ISO 21469 certified and Halal and Kosher certified. These lubricants have the following properties:

  • reducing wear, friction, and corrosion.
  • High load capacity
  • Optimal performance under high temperature and wide operating temperature range
  • Extreme Pressure properties

“Our product range extends the lifespan of equipment and guarantees the highest certifications for safety and quality,” said Tariq Ahmed, Engen Product Manager, Industrial Technical Advisory. “A major benefit is that there is no need to secure multiple products for each category of equipment which saves time and effort. As a non-contaminant lubricant provider, our product range reduces HSEQ risks such as spoilt products and recalls, as well as provides all the necessary reputational assurance that one would expect from a leading provider,” added Ahmed.

These range of products is available in South Africa and in the rest of Africa through Engen distributors.

Founded in 1881, Engen Petroleum Limited is an Africa-based energy company focusing on the downstream refined petroleum products market and related businesses.