Education Partnership

One of the main objectives of Lubesafrica is ensuring lubrication technology and information pertaining to the same is passed on to various stake holders who are involved directly or indirectly with lubricants and lubricating.  To achieve this goal, the best avenue is ensuring the information is assimilated to students who are in the engineering field, hence we partner with educational institutes which offer engineering based courses.  This includes universities and tertiary colleges.

Most of the engineering students end up in fields of employment where they directly or indirectly are involved with lubrication.  Most of engineering students end up being Maintenance Engineers, Production Engineers or Sales Engineers.

Maintenance Engineers

One needs to know different types of lubricants and fluids for different machinery e.g. compressors, refrigeration, hydraulics, gearboxes and automotive applications.  Proper function and life of these equipment depend on the lubricat used and the lubrication process.

Production Engineers

Engineers must understand their equpment to be able to improve on production efficiency.  Lubrication is a vital link to achievement of such milestones.

Sales Engineers

Requires an engineer understanding lubricants, lubrication process, ability to recommend right lubricant and ability to propose solutions to lubricant related problems.

Some of the area we as Lubesafrica are involved concerning our educational partnership include:

  • Lubesafrica is involved in giving career talk to enlighten engineer students on the field of lubrication.  This goes a long way to prepare the students and ensure seriousness if maintained with keen focus on what to expect in the working life.
  • Lubesafrica also offers industry tailored lubrication training to engineering students.
  • Lubesafrica also partners with educational institutions to develop and incorporate lubrication course in engineering curriculum.