Chevron Oronite introduces OLOA® 48027 and OLOA 48028, newly formulated trunk piston engine oil additive packages

Chevron Oronite Company, LLC recently introduced OLOA® 48027 and OLOA 48028, newly formulated Trunk Piston Engine Oil additive packages, as the latest addition to its Marine and Power generation system (MAPS®) product portfolio which also has OLOA 49835 and OLOA 49838. Specifically designed to provide high performance in engines operating in severe conditions, these new products were developed to help lubricant marketers, ship operators, and power plant operators maintain excellent engine cleanliness while facing increasingly diverse fuel and base oil options. OLOA 48027 and OLOA 48028 will be available from Oronite’s three main global supply points starting early 2020.

“As a leader in marine lubricant additive technology, we work closely with Original Equipment Manufacturers to timely deliver new products that meet evolving lubrication needs and comply with stringent emission regulations, such as IMO 2020,” said Ilse Oelius Smaal, global marine product line manager, Chevron Oronite. “OLOA 48027 and OLOA 48028 are excellent examples of how we anticipate key market trends in the marine industry.”

OLOA 48027 was developed to provide exceptional performance in 20 to 55 BN TPEO lubricants designed for engines operating with residual fuel. This technology enables Group II-based finished oils to meet the performance of Group I based products from major marketers. “That means operators can benefit from high lubricant quality that helps keep their engines clean while operating in diverse environments,” said Maarten Boons, marine technology manager, Chevron Oronite.

OLOA 48028 was specifically designed to deliver premium performance for 12 to 20 BN TPEO lubricants in engines operating with distillate fuels including marine diesel. According to Boons, this newest technology from Oronite provides robust viscosity control, which helps reduce the number of oil changes needed. OLOA 48028 can be blended or utilized using both Groups I and II base oils.