Cepsa launches an electric and hybrid vehicles lubricants range

Cepsa has launched its new range of XTAR lubricants and fluids for hybrid and electric vehicles. XTAR lubricants have a low viscosity grade. They also reduce engine friction, fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, and the emission of other polluting gases and particles (in the case of hybrid vehicles).

Niurka Sancho, Cepsa’s Director of Lubricants, said, “At Cepsa, we are committed to sustainable mobility, and we promote it in many different areas. In this case, it is through the development of advanced lubricants and fluids that, thanks to our technical and innovative capabilities, they meet all the needs of hybrid and electric vehicles and significantly reduce their environmental impact.”

Cepsa manufactures its products at its lubricants plant in San Roque, Cadiz, Spain, from where they are distributed to more than 80 countries. This new range will be available through the company’s usual distribution channels, including an extensive network of 1,800 service stations in Spain and Portugal and specialized workshops and official distributors.