Castrol and Ford co-engineer new advanced lubricants for Ford dealership network

Castrol and Ford Motor Company have launched co-engineered Ford-Castrol MAGNATEC lubricant range. The lubricants have been formulated with DUALOCK technology to protect engines against the damage caused by continuous start-stop driving.

Castrol continues to expand its long-term partnership with Ford Motor Company in the UK with the launch of a refreshed line-up of co-engineered Ford-Castrol MAGNATEC lubricants. The range, including two new formulations available in 0W-30 D and 5W-20 E with innovative DUALOCK technology, has been developed to offer non-stop protection from every start.

The product is available at Ford dealerships, and it is the engine oil recommended by Ford. The refreshed Ford-Castrol MAGNATEC range has new small-pack branding, aimed at raising awareness among Ford’s customers in the UK.

“Up to 75% of engine wear occurs during the warm-up, and with the ever-increasing number of cars on the road, drivers today can find themselves starting and stopping up to 18,000 times a year. Castrol’s DUALOCK molecules cling to critical engine parts and lock together, forming a powerful forcefield of protection that dramatically reduces both warm-up and stop-start wear by up to 50%,” Castrol stated.

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