BASF expands capacity in lubricant antioxidants

Global specialty chemical producer and supplier, BASF investing in Mexico and China to increase production of antioxidants for lubricants. The company seeks to do this through its global business unit of fuels and lubricant solutions.

The capacity expansions address the growing demand for antioxidants from the increasing number of vehicles in Asia and the increasing global demand for long-life lubricant additives.

In Mexico, BASF expanded the production capabilities of its site in Puebla while in China the expansion is through a technology licensing and manufacturing agreement with Feiya Chemical Company.  Feiya has recently built a new site in Rudong, Jiangsu Province, which is fully operational and producing on-spec products.

“We continue to address the regional and global needs of our customers through investments and product innovation,” said Marius Vaarkamp, Global Marketing Director, Lubricant Oil Additives, BASF. “Expanding our global production capacity of antioxidants for lubricants shows our commitment to meeting the increasing needs of an evolving market.”