ADNOC launches new engine oils for hybrid vehicles

ADNOC Distribution has launched a new range of lubricants; ADNOC VOYAGER comprising of VOYAGER Star Plus HB and VOYAGER Star Plus Eco for hybrid vehicles.

VOYAGER Star Plus HB is designed for hybrid vehicles, and it offers fuel savings and engine lubrication protection. VOYAGER Star Plus Eco engine oil is fully compatible with vehicles manufactured since 2002 and can be used for a variety of cars, including American, Korean, Japanese and, European manufactured vehicles.

As stated in a press release, the new lubricants are manufactured using ADNOC’s Group III base oil ADbase which has a high Viscosity Index (VI) making it an ideal lubricant component, ensuring efficiency and fuel economy for high-performance engines, while meeting stringent environmental regulations ever.

ADNOC Distribution’s Acting Chief Executive Officer Ahmed Al Shamsi said the following concerning the new range of lubricants, “We are proud to be one of the first companies in the Middle East to introduce the latest international standards in vehicle oil technology to the UAE and also to some of our core export markets in the GCC as well as throughout Africa and Asia. The new range meets the needs of the latest engine technologies to enable better fuel efficiency, extend an engine’s lifespan and, create cost savings for our customers. Our lubricants bring together quality from their very base to the expert techniques used to create specific solutions that, together with regular lube change, maintain the efficiency of hybrid engines.”

ADNOC VOYAGER is available at all the ADNOC Distribution stations in UAE, and they are exported to distributors across the GCC, Africa, and Asia.

Furthermore, ADNOC offers a range of lubricants comprising of automotive and marine engine lubricants, automotive gear and transmission fluids, and industrial lubricants and greases, meeting the requirements of commercial fleet operators, construction, manufacturing, marine and power generation sectors.