ACPA Egypt partners with Amalie Company in production of lubricants

Alexandria Company for Petroleum Additions (ACPA), one of the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporations companies that specialize in oil additives has signed an agreement with The American Amalie Company; which is one of the largest and most prestigious international companies specialized in the production of mineral, synthetic oils and specialized oils in the world. Amalie was established in 1903 and it was the first company to sell multi-grade motor oil in the world and currently the largest independent company in North America’s motor oils and industrial lubricants market.

Amalie’s visit to Egypt is its first visit to Africa and it’s the first time that Amalie is establishing cooperation with partners outside the United States of America. This memorandum of understanding includes the following projects:

Producing high-quality and specialized oils for Amalie company inside the ACPA factories and marketing them in Egypt, the Middle East, Africa and the Mediterranean countries.

Production and marketing of chemically-produced synthetic oils, which is part of the feasibility study on which ACPA was founded. This project is the first of its kind in the Middle East, given that it will use the available local raw materials.

Creating advanced technology units to produce base oils (Group II & Group III) from refining used oils. This will be the first project in Egypt to produce those types of oils, which have a higher quality than Group I base oils.

Producing final marine oils of various types (cylinder oil – Piston oil tank – System oil). The Egyptian market is very wide in terms of the consumption of final marine oils, bearing in mind Egypt is the gateway to the Red Sea and the Suez Canal.

The treatment and separation of petroleum hydrocarbon wastes within the production sites of all the oil sector companies (production and refining) using advanced and safe techniques in implementation.